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All of our Conservatory Blinds Reviews are completely genuine, and have been provided by customers of Conservatory Blinds Limited. Reviews are only edited to correct spelling mistakes, improve grammar, or remove names for privacy purposes.

To meet Advertising Standard Agency Regulations, all reviews must be:

  • From genuine customers (we have to be able to prove it)
  • Honest and true (we have to be able to prove what was said was genuine)
  • Unrewarded (we cannot publish reviews made on condition of a reward)
  • Factual (the content of the review cannot be misleading)

Customer reviews are made in the following ways:

Via Our Website: Anyone can use this form to submit feedback about our website, our blinds, or our service, which will then be used on our website.

Feedback Forms: On completion of an installation we ask customers to complete a form where they assess the different aspects of our work. They sometimes handwrite comments which we use on this website.

Follow Ups: A month or so after installation we contact customers to make sure that they are happy with their blinds and ask whether they want to provide us with any meaningful feedback to help us improve our service and to establish what they think now that they have owned their blinds for a while.

Unsolicited Mail: We sometimes receive unsolicited comments from customers in the form of letters, cards and emails, thanking us for our service, or providing feedback – often commenting on specific personnel.

Review Sites: Third party independent review sites publish Conservatory Blinds Reviews which we also use on this website. These reviews are added completely outside of our control, so include all customer comments – whatever they may be.

Despite offering a quarterly (and annual) award for the best, most helpful reviews, this is not an incentive to provide reviews – and certainly not a reward for providing anything untrue. This is to prompt people to provide an in-depth and meaningful response that will help future customers make a more informed decision, so we are just encouraging people to be more detailed in their replies.


Generally speaking your review must be honest, accurate, factual and unbiased. We will not disclose your name or email address, but we need you to provide these so that we meet ASA guidelines.

We reserve the right to edit or not publish your review. This would be at our discretion, but might be because it’s too short or too long, has too many spelling mistakes, seems suspiciously biased, or it may just be that, in our opinion, it’s not the kind of thing that people want to read.

While you retain copyright in your work, by submitting any content you grant us non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative work from, distribute, and display such content throughout the world in any form of media.

Anyone who submits a review may have their name published in the form of “Mr & Mrs X of County” within our news section and/or newsletter.

By submitting any content, you guarantee that it is accurate, does not violate any laws and will not cause injury to any person or legal entity, and that you will indemnify Conservatory Blinds Limited against all claims that may result from such content.

Conservatory Blinds Limited accepts no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content in our reviews.

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