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Luxury Blinds: Is it worth investing?

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Posted: 6 Oct 2022

When it comes to searching for a shading solution there’s always the urge to seek out the cheapest option possible. People search online for DIY blinds and store-bought window coverings. However, luxury blinds can offer a long-term solution to shading your home in comparison to cheaper blinds. A luxury blind is a made-to-measure blind crafted and installed by a specialist.

What’s the difference between cheap blinds and Luxury Blinds?

Cheap blinds can serve as a temporary solution for standard rectangular windows however you do get what you pay for. So, standard blind suppliers may make their blinds with lower quality fabric to bring their prices down. Therefore, they might not last long in your home or look high-quality. On the other hand, our blinds are guaranteed for five years after your purchase and look new for many years afterwards. Therefore, if you have to keep replacing your cheap blinds it might not be the most cost-effective option after all.

Before and After Angled Window

Additionally, there may be visible excess strings and cords coming off the fabric of cheaper blinds that look unappealing. Whereas the cords in our luxury blinds are hidden within the fabric, providing a more sleek appearance.

When attempting a quick DIY fix,  you might even consider Perfect Fit blinds. However, the bulky frame blocks out a lot of your glazing, view and natural light. Perfect Fit frames are only (sometimes) a suitable fit for standard rectangular windows or the sides of a conservatory. Even though doors are also rectangular, we would not recommend installing Perfect Fit on those either. If they are bi-fold door blinds or sliding door blinds, then the Perfect Fit frame may interfere with the mechanism.

Perfect Fit Living Room

  The stand-out feature of luxury blinds, is the next level of service we provide before, during and even after we install your blinds. You have the opportunity to discuss what you would like and have an experienced advisor recommend an option that best suits you. Then after we install your blinds to fit your window properly and operate with ease, it’s a product that’s worth investing in for the years of use you’ll get.  

Where you need specialist Luxury Blinds

Gable Windows

if you have any uniquely shaped glazing and require gable blinds in your home or conservatory, we recommend you choose luxury blinds. Specifically, our blinds for apex windows with thermal regulation properties and  pureaspect™ technology.

As you can see from the ‘before and after’ image further above, the other company left much of the windows uncovered. Blinds like these are more difficult to shade than they appear. Our expertise from over 25 years of experience is needed to create triangular apex window blinds and make them look this neat.

Bespoke blinds that cover your windows corner-to-corner, give you minimal gaps for the heat in your room to escape through – helping you save on energy bills this winter. Especially when used in conjunction with our range of Duette®  thermal blinds that traps heat within it’s honeycomb texture. So, you can visibly see and feel the difference here between luxury and cheaper alternatives.

Large or floor to ceiling windows

Standard blind companies struggle to produce, transport and install blinds this large. So, if you require floor to ceiling blinds or large bifold door blinds we can cover your large or uniquely shaped glazing with just a two or three blinds.

Remote Edit 3

Conservatory blinds

As a specialist, we have over 25 years of experience crafting blinds. We designed our conservatory blinds for conservatories so that they last longer than standard house blinds. Our conservatory blinds are created to withstand the extreme temperatures found there. Our most popular ranges are our Duette® thermal blinds and our pure pleated blinds.

luxury recess-fit blinds on bifolds

Overall, if you’re looking for blinds that last longer and offer a bespoke fit to any shaped glazing then a blind specialist is almost essential. So, get in touch for a free quotation today from Specialist Blinds.


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Customer reviews

This has been one of the smoothest processes in redoing our house. Conservatory blinds came when they said they would both for the quote and installation. The installer cleaned up after himself completely and we're very happy with the blinds
Mrs J, London
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Have to say our fitter was amazing and the quality of the product was way better than expected. The blinds look amazing and no wiring was required as all works of solar charged battery
Mrs S, Surrey
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Excellent service and product... I would recommend this company. The sky light blind fits like a glove and the remote control allows us to move the blind easily. The surveyor was also the installer and think this made a huge different. I would go to this company again for any of my window blind needs!
Mrs A, Berkshire
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