Triangular Apex Window Blinds in Warwickshire -

Triangular Apex Window Blinds in Warwickshire

Triangular Apex Window Blinds
Posted: 27 May 2022

Recently we had the pleasure of installing our bespoke made-to-measure blinds in a gorgeous home in Warwickshire. This house features two floors of floor-to-ceiling windows wrapped around their staircase. Not only do we love taking on special projects like these, but we have over 25 years of experience with unique windows like these that slope at the top. Unlike most standard blind companies, here at Specialist Blinds triangular apex window blinds are our talent.


What is an apex window blind?

As these windows slope, they no longer fall into your standard rectangular or square-shaped windows. They require our market-leading technology to extend across the whole glazing whilst still retracting away neatly. This is where our pureaspect™ system becomes essential. With our pureaspect™ gable blinds, they can fit point to point while still extending down into a rectangular shape below.

This customer loved the Duette® blinds so much that they asked for matching triangular apex window blinds in their bedroom. Beautiful windows like these in a bedroom mean you can wake up to a lovely view; although the bright sunlight so early in the morning can jar you awake if there’s no shading.


Bedroom Gable


At this property, the customer chose gorgeous Parchment coloured rails and Egyptian Cotton for the Duette® fabric. By opting for this fabric, they control the shading and privacy of their home whilst still allowing soft sunlight through. This is just another customisable aspect of our blinds, as we offer a variety of opacities – from translucent to dimout.


Why would I need Specialist triangular window blinds?

Due to the high ceilings and location of the windows, we required a scaffold tower to install the gable blinds. The combination of the unique windows and their height means that this detailed project would simply not have been possible anywhere else.


Luckily, our installation team is experienced with complex projects like these and completing them to a specialist standard. So, you receive specialist treatment from your initial enquiry to each time you use our market-leading blinds at home.

Regarding operation, blinds at this height can be difficult to manually control. That’s why this customer opted for motorisation and connected his blinds to a TaHoma® home automation system. This gives you the freedom to control your blinds via remote, app or even connect it to an Amazon Alexa® or Google Home® to operate via your voice.

So, if you have triangular apex windows or large floor-to-ceiling glazing that you are struggling to cover- think custom-made and think Specialist Blinds. Contact us for a free quotation appointment today!


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Customer reviews

I was given excellent advice and information and was able to discuss exactly what I wanted. The blinds were very well fitted and I'm delighted with how they look and how they operate. They are exactly what I had envisaged.

Miss L, Bournemouth
Sent via email.

We are very pleased with our conservatory blinds and also with the excellent service provided by Greg; the salesperson. The blinds were expertly fitted by Jon and you were very helpful in arranging a convenient time to fit them.

We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends and family.

Mrs S, Wimbourne
Sent via email.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone. The service was excellent. The sales representative and installer were a credit to the company, very polite and friendly.

Mrs D, Maidenhead
Sent via email.
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Our conservatory blinds were specifically created for conservatory roofs and therefore fit windows much neater than generic blinds. Our pureaspect™ system makes them perfect for Gable end conservatories.



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