"No Other Company Said They Could Find a Solution"

“No Other Company Said They Could Find a Solution”

Triangle Window Blinds in Devon
Posted: 22 Feb 2019
Conservatory Blinds Limited were contacted by a customer in Devon, who had a very tricky area she needed blinds for. The customer was unable to find anyone who could help her. She was looking for some triangle window blinds for a gable window in their house, and according to the customer any other company she had contacted had said they could not help her with blinds for that space. The window was located in the bedroom. Therefore, the customer needed blinds that were both able to:
  • Keep out a lot of light
  • Increase Privacy
  • Easily retract away neatly so they can enjoy the view

The Challenge

When the sales person, Craig, came to visit he could easily see why the area was causing other companies such difficulty. The gable itself was full of some very tricky angles and shapes.  However, it had the added problem of the square windows in the middle. The frames and handles of each window stood out further than the other areas of glazing. This meant that it wouldn’t be possible to use a large blind to cover the entire area. Instead it had to be individual blinds on each panel. Duette Triangle Window Blinds Retracted  

Our Solution For Triangle Shaped Blinds

Luckily, we had just the solution. Both our pureaspect™ Gable Blinds and our pureConservatory Blinds have been designed to neatly fit into shapes like this, so we we definitely able to provide a solution. Our pureaspect™ blinds were used in each triangular shape. We used the Aspect3 style blind to extend slightly down below the triangle shape, to totally cover the glass. We were able to recess fit blinds into each of the square windows. This meant, fitting the fabric behind the handle so that the blinds don’t stop the windows from opening. To keep the light out of the room we recommended a Duette® Dim-Out Fabric, in this case the “Egyptian Cotton” colour. One of the main benefits of the Duette® blind is the honeycomb structure of the fabric. This means there are no cording holes which could let in light through the blind. Finally, as per the customers wishes, all of our blinds have been designed to retract away neatly. Consequently, this meant their lovely view was not obstructed by the blinds. Triangular Shaped Duette® Dim-Out Blinds Extended  

Customer Review for their Gable Blinds

The customers were so happy with their blinds that they’ve now left a review on our Checkatrade page, with top marks for each of the different criteria:

“The work was beautifully done, with great attention to detail. Craig took enormous care at the planning stage to come up with the solution to a difficult window, which he certainly did. It was wonderful to be able to deal with the same person from start to finish. No other company said they could find a solution. We were very pleased.” Reliability & Timekeeping: 10 | Tidiness: 10 | Courtesy: 10 | Workmanship: 10

A solution like this was only possible because we have spent years developing bespoke blinds for exactly these situations. Our pureaspect™ blinds – which were essential to this job – were designed and made by us using our own production facilities in Ashford, Kent. Our staff also has the training and years of experience to find the best solutions to tricky problems like this, and implement them properly. If you have a tricky area of glazing that requires an expert touch, arrange a meeting with your local member of our sales team to get our expert advice.

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