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About Our Blinds


We have developed our own pure™ Range of blinds which can fit neatly into a wide range of awkward shapes, while still looking like a natural part of the room and being easy to control. We are able to use this unique technology to provide Pleated blinds, Pinoleum Blinds and Duette® blinds that fit like no other; whether it be in a conservatory, orangery, lantern roof, gable or in a set of folding doors.

We also have a range of custom finishing options that allow our blinds to feel like a natural part of the décor, including the option to have certain components be powder-coated to a specific RAL colour using our own power-coating facilities.

We are only able to offer these style of blinds because we make them all in our own bespoke factory in Ashford, Kent, which has been designed to create blinds like no other.


Our unique range of conservatory blinds have been designed to fit into almost any shape of glazing, making them much neater than generic blind systems and allowing them to cover more of the glass without ugly gaps or wide tops.

Our blinds are designed to fit unusual shapes perfectly, following the form and line of the window, and infill blinds to fit those tiny spaces (e.g. around light or fan bosses) that most companies would leave uncovered.



Our neatly recess-fitted window blinds look like they are part of the window and not a cumbersome afterthought. Only our unique pure™ Blinds are specifically designed to neatly fit any glazing bead. Compare them to any other blind range and you will be amazed at the difference.

This also makes them ideal for use in bi-folding doors, as it allows a blind to be fitted into each panel of the door while not getting in the way of it’s operation.

The contoured rails are available in a wide range of colours to suit any room and fit snugly over your window beading that they really look like part of your room – rather than a cumbersome afterthought.


We have a range of custom-finishing options for our blinds that let them truly feel like a proper part of the décor, to the point where they look like they have always been there.

We have our own powder coating facilities in our factory in Ashford, Kent, which allows us to easily provide rails, clips and end-caps in any RAL colour, outside of our 12 standard rail colours. Powder coating is much more durable than wet-spraying components with paint, but it requires a lot of specialist equipment and experience to do it properly.


Because conservatories get dirty and dusty very quickly compared to any other area of your home, it is essential that the blinds can be cleaned.

Our manual pure™ Pleated, pure™ Pinoleum, and Duette® Blinds are designed to be easy to remove, refit and care for, without having to pay someone to do it for you. The unique quick-release system incorporated within pure rails makes it easy for anyone to unclip the blinds.

Our Solar Design™ fabrics are also easy to clean, allowing you to keep them looking like new for years. You can simply shower them off most of the time but, if necessary, you can immerse them in your bath with a pH neutral cleaning fluid.

Vision and Duette Conservatory Blinds


We’ve selected some of the different blinds we have installed over the years, so we can highlight the little details that make them unique. See how we were able to make bespoke blinds for each different situation and tailor each blind to look like a natural part of the conservatory, no matter what the décor.


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