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We have our own state of the art conservatory blinds production facility in Ashford, Kent, where we design, manufacture and test all of our blinds before they go out for installation. Our factory is full of the latest technology and bespoke equipment designed specifically for the type of blinds that we make, so we can always ensure the highest quality of blinds possible.

Our factory also has our main showroom, which features five different conservatories with all of the blinds you could possibly think of.

Watch our factory tour video and see for yourself how our factory is just another way that we are totally unique.


We’ve been able to design and customise our factory in a way that means we can offer a higher quality of blind and totally bespoke solutions. We’ve only been able to make these changes because we actually own the entire property ourselves, instead of renting it as most companies do, and our factory is now filled with a wide range of custom-made and specialist equipment that is used in making our unique blinds.

Our factory floor comes equipped with our own custom blind manufacturing tables, that were not only designed by us, but built in-house using our own metal-engineering and powder coating facilities. We needed these custom tables to work with the extreme lengths needed for conservatory blinds, while still giving an unrivalled level of accuracy in our blind manufacturing.


Our factory also features our main blinds showroom, which features working examples of all the different types of blinds that we sell. The first-floor factory showroom is air-conditioned, with comfortable seating and free coffee facilities, as well as 5 fully-fitted display conservatories showing all shapes and types of blinds.

Throughout the showroom you can see examples of our main ranges of pure™  Pleated Blinds, Duette® Blinds and pure™  Pinoleum Blinds, as well as our ranges of various window blinds, gable blinds, lantern roof blinds and folding door blinds.


Our factory has its own custom finishing workshop with full powder coating facilities, so that we can provide all aluminium components and custom colour blinds in any colour to compliment the existing colours of the room.

This means that alongside our standard 12 rail colours, we can also custom-colour the blind rails to any RAL colour for an extra cost. It also means that all of the aluminium components will match your rails as well, including brackets, clips, and mounting profiles. They won’t easily chip or scratch like painted finishes either.


The equipment at our factory allows us to perform various different quality control checks across all our blinds, so we can make sure that the quality of the fabrics we use and the blinds we fit is as high as possible.

We check all of our pleated fabrics using a light table to make sure that any marks or blemishes are cut out before any blinds are made. We also use a state-of-the-art blind hoist to recreate the different gables found in gables, as a way of testing our various different gable blinds.

We use a wide format printer to print out large paper templates for the blinds to ensure that all of our Pinoleum blinds have the neatest possible fit before they are sent to the fitter for installation.

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