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It’s the details that really matter when it comes to bespoke blinds. The small details can make the difference between blinds that feel like an afterthought and blinds that feel like a natural part of the room that have always been there.

We’ve selected a series of installation case studies from the past few years which not only highlight the different ranges of blinds we are able to provide, but also shows how our level of expertise, experience and attention to detail affects every aspect of the installation.

The blinds we’ve highlighted here are not only able to control heat and light, but also use our expert skills and technology to create truly unique blinds.

Vision and Duette Conservatory Blinds

Pinoleum Blinds For High Ceiling Windows Traditional Barn High Ceiling Blinds
Electric Duette Gable Blinds Electric Duette Gable Blinds
Electric lantern, roller & folding door blinds Duette® Lantern Roof Blinds with Roller Window and Folding Door Blinds
Neat lantern Roof Blinds in Berkshire Roof Blinds
Duette® blinds in an Orangery in Staffordshire Conservatory Blinds in a wooden frame
Vision & Duette® Conservatory Blinds Vision and Duette Conservatory Blinds
Wide Sliding Door Blinds in Devon Wide Sliding Door Blinds


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People often comment how much they appreciate the time and effort we put into making sure our blinds look and feel like a natural part of the room while still making it a more comfortable space. We have over 1,000 reviews on our website including a video review from a customer in Nottingham who explains how pleased she was with our service.



Looking for more examples of our blinds? It’s easy to find an photos of our blinds across a wide range of locations in our image gallery, which has hundreds of photos of our blinds inside real customer conservatories and houses.

Take a look through our image gallery, and see the range of different styles and fabrics we can offer.


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