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Blinds for Gable Window

Posted: 20 Oct 2023

People often approach us looking for gable blinds, often referred to as ‘triangle window blinds’. This is due to gable windows becoming ever-increasingly popular in the modern day home. In the past, gable end windows have really only featured in conservatory roofs. Now, more people are installing gable windows in other parts of the home. Areas such as bedrooms, above folding or sliding doors, and the front of the home have become increasingly popular. Because of this, the demand for blinds for gable windows has increased vastly over the last few years.

There are several reasons gable windows are becoming so popular. These include:
  • They make a brilliant addition to an extension or room by creating a bespoke feel to the house.
  • They allow large amounts of natural light to stream through the house, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

However, these advantages also come with unique challenges relating to privacy and protection from the sun that not every company has a solution for. For this reason, many customers with gable windows struggle to find a suitable blind solution.

Our pureaspect Gable Blinds for Gable Windows

We designed our pureaspect™ system to allow us to manufacture fully operational blinds which cover the gable windows and the glazing that sits below them. This includes areas such as folding doors, sliding doors or large windows for which we can cover with just one or two blinds. Other blind companies tend to leave gable windows uncovered, or install fixed sections of fabric. This makes them non-operational and can affect the overall appearance of the window.

Our gable blinds can be powered by the mains, or rechargeable batteries. They can even be integrated with a number of home automations systems such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home to create a smart blinds option for your home. Alternatively, we also offer manual gable window blinds.

Bespoke Blinds for Gable Windows

Our pureaspect™ gable system is available in a range of bespoke RAL powder coated colours and a number of fabric colour options. We have also designed the system to successfully provide that all important shade or privacy for:
  • Apex window blinds
  • Cut corner windows  
  • Lower corner windows 
  • Wide flat top windows 

Being the UK specialists, we are able to provide our customers with extensive knowledge and expertise to provide the most suitable option for their needs. We are continuously pushing boundaries on shape and size. We firmly believe we can create a solution to fit almost any gable window achieving widths over 7 metres wide.

Large gable blind  

Manufactured in our UK Based Factory

At Specialist Blinds Limited, we manufacture all of our products in the UK at our factory in Ashford, Kent. Thanks to our unique equipment, we are able to test our blinds thoroughly before installation. This includes the use of our specialist electronic hoist and our expert cutting techniques, to ensure our gable blinds fit as neatly as possible and meet our customers’ expectations. We also provide our bepsoke RAL powder coating process in-house along with the overall end-to-end process, allowing us to manage the entire production of your blinds internally.

Our Factory - Gable Blinds

Customer Reviews

We take great pride in the products and service we offer our customers. Our Checkatrade score speaks for itself with our customers leaving positive reviews like below:

⁠”We had very tricky gable windows needing electric blinds, plus some standard manual patio door and window blinds. The consultant was professional and courteous, taking time to explain options. The surveyor-fitter took great care measuring-up and in fitting, so everything went in easily as planned. They did a great job all round. I’d highly recommend Specialist Blinds.”

For more reviews like this, visit our page on the independent review site Checkatrade.

Free Quotation

So if you’re looking for blinds for gable windows, arrange a free quotation today with a member of our sales team. They will discuss the different options available to you, including our wide range of fabrics and bespoke RAL powder coated colour service. Whether you’re looking to increase privacy or decrease glare we have a fabric that can accommodate almost any glazing.

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