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Large Blinds for Windows of Any Shape

Large gable blinds
Posted: 15 Jul 2022

As blinds specialists, we often tackle a variety of window blinds; from small to large blinds for windows of any shape. For smaller windows, sure you may be able to find a cheap solution but you will be met with cheap quality. When it comes to larger areas of glazing, we thoroughly recommend specialist blinds for corner-to-corner coverage and no sagging material.

Large Blinds for Gable Windows

Gable large shape Roller window blind Maher 199219

Our pureaspect™ technology means you can have gable blinds for large apex windows that retract away to almost nothing and cover large expanses of windows with just one or two blinds most of the time. Our Apex Window Blinds are specifically designed to fit any uniquely angled window.

Large Blinds Across Bifold Doors

Gable Roller Maher large window blinds 199219

If you have a large set of doors whether that’s bifold, sliding doors or regular French doors, we can help you with blinds. For larger blinds, we typically recommend roller blinds so you can cover more glazing with less blinds. For those not sure on what are the best blinds for bi-fold doors, we can fit Duette® blinds on bifold doors that fit to the recess of each door if you prefer more control.

Large Blinds for Windows of Any Shape

People are often using our Specialist Blinds for large windows as the longer the roll of material is, the harder it is to transport and install. We go above and beyond for our customers and often use towers during the installation projects and take extra care to prevent sagging. Comparatively, companies that only sell smaller windows blinds are often unequipped to deal with extra large blinds as they lack the equipment.


Extra Large Lantern Roof Window Blinds


XL large blind Lantern window Venning

Our lantern roof blinds range from regular to extra large lantern roof blinds. We have several ideas for styling roller blinds for lantern roofs extensions but our most popular two solutions are Duette® blinds and roller blinds.

Duette® blinds operate horizontally across the base of the lantern. Additionally, depending on the size of the lantern, Duette® blinds often don’t require any support wires.

Alternatively, Roller blinds operate in a ‘zip’-like fashion across the base. Roller blinds are great for covering large amounts of glazing with only a small amount of blinds.

Materials and Motorisation for Large Window Blinds

Our most popular material for blinds is our Duette® blinds due to their thermal regulation properties and option for motorisation. Similarly, you can purchase motorisation for roller blinds. Roller blinds are often used for large window blinds as they are great for covering large areas of glazing.

Our electric blinds options include: remote control blinds, battery operated blinds as well as smart blinds.

Smart blinds give you the option to connect your blinds to an app on your phone or a smart home device so you can even use voice control.

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Control all of your blinds with a touch of a button. We have several motorisation options for Bifold Blinds that you can control via the Somfy® TaHoma Smart Home system on your smartphone.




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