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Are Blinds Suitable Window Coverings for Bifold Doors?

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Posted: 26 Aug 2022

In many cases, people install sets of bifold doors to open up their rooms to the outdoors and provide them with natural light. However, when it starts to get dark out and you would like some privacy, it’s time to consider your shading options…Are blinds suitable window coverings for bifold doors? Will my doors still fold? There are many questions that we can help you answer.

First, let’s take a look at the variety of options we offer for bifold door blinds

Blinds That Are Suitable Window Coverings for Bifold Doors

Recess-fitted Bifold Blinds

Recess-fitted blinds fit neatly against the glass, next to the beading of the frame. Additionally, we can install drill-free options.!

The main benefit of this blind type is that it retracts away so neatly that you can barely see them when the blinds are open. When extended, these made-to-measure blinds fit corner to corner without gaps, giving you maximum control of your shading.

Atop of this, recess-fit blinds (especially our Duette® thermal blinds) help you control your temperature, reduce glare and provide privacy. We install our recess fitted blinds with a thin pure™ rail so the blinds do not affect the operation of the doors, unlike DIY and shop-bought options. Meaning you can fit the blind to each panel but still open and shut your doors!

bifold doors with window coverings

Free Hanging Blinds as Window Coverings

Another option we would recommend is our free-hanging, folding door blinds. We offer this option in a variety of fabrics such as purepinoleum blinds, roller blinds and Duette® blinds and dim-out fabrics. Our most popular option is our Motorised Roller Blinds for Bifold Doors. Our motorised blinds can be controlled via smart home devices, battery operation and remote control. Free hanging blinds are a great solution if you want to cover a large area of glazing with only a few blinds. By choosing blinds that aren’t attached to your doors, you can also have your blinds down and your doors open behind – so your room is shaded but with natural airflow still. Helping you regulate your temperature, shade and privacy.

Combined Free-Hanging and Recess-fit Blinds

Many customers combine our recessed blinds and free-hanging blinds to make their room almost entirely blacked out or have even more control over the temperature. With recess blinds, heat can still escape through the metal frame of the doors; whereas, with a free-hanging blind, the entire area is given extra insulation. So, the combination of both blinds ensures an overall solution.

Roller Blinds and Duette Blinds in Bifold Doors

Apex Window Blinds with a Set of Doors Below

In the case where someone has an apex window in their home, they often have a set of doors below. We have crafted market-leading technology includes triangular window blinds that drop down to cover the set of bifold doors below. We are the proudest of our blinds for apex windows because almost no other company can offer a solution that covers both areas of glazing with one or two blinds.

Blinds We Do NOT Recommend as Window Coverings for Bifold Doors

Integrated Door Blinds

A usual choice for bifold doors is the integrated blinds option. This usually consists of a metal Venetian blind that gets manufactured with the doors and fitted between the double glazing. Although they can look like a neat way to add shading; many downsides come with this type of product.

  • Light will bleed around the edges of the louvres into the room.
  • If they need to be maintained, replaced or changed then you need assistance to remove the glass.
  • Integrated blinds will not be able to control the temperature as well as other options like a free-hanging blind, as the majority of heat loss happens via the doorframes.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Lastly, many people consider installing Perfect Fit blinds as a DIY option. While this is a cheap option, the bulky framing can cover a large area of the glazing. Consequently, this may affect the operation of the doors when they are completely folded back. For this reason, we would strongly recommend a recess fitted blind for folding doors; and perfect fit blinds for standard-shaped house windows instead.

In conclusion, we would highly recommend blinds generally as window coverings for bifold doors. However, integrated door blinds and perfect-fit blinds are best used elsewhere in your home.

If you’d like to know more about our bifold door blinds, arrange a free quotation with a member of our sales team.


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Customer reviews

They manufactured and installed blinds for 4 rooms, including two gable type ones for unusual shaped windows, one of which was very large. The blinds are perfect and I am very pleased with them, the service was excellent and professional and while the price was similar to other quotes, the blinds are better than elsewhere, with more options available. Two of the blinds have transformed my home and the experience of living there, so I am am extremely pleased with them. I can't fault the company, they took on the job and took care of it all without any hassle or issues at all, 10/10
Mr H, Staffordshire
Sent via Checkatrade Review

I am writing to say how pleased we are with the work that Richard did for us last week.

He worked extremely hard during the day and it was unfortunate that he was unable to complete the blinds due to the central bar having been cut too short.

We were surprised that he was prepared to return on Easter Monday to complete the job. We were delighted to have such an efficient and polite installer.

Mr & Mrs H, Cirencester
Sent via email.

Highly recommended. The sales man came when he said he would, showed us what he said he could show us, and gave us help and also the space to make our own decision.

The installer was great too and the finished article looks great and has transformed our conservatory. A pleasure to deal with from start to finish.

Mr H, Tarporley
Sent via email.
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Duette® Blinds

Duette® Blinds are an ideal choice for a set of folding doors, as they are able to be neatly fitted into the frame of each door whilst offering an extra layer of insulation.



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