Experts in Creating Bespoke Triangular Window Blinds

Experts in Triangular Window Blinds

Triangular Window Blinds
Posted: 24 Mar 2022

Gables and apex windows are a beautiful addition to any home or extension. However, due to the unique triangle shape of this glazing, many people are now looking for experts in triangular window blinds.

Most general blind companies struggle to cater to anything more than your common rectangular or square window shapes. We often see it where people have a gable above their other windows and they have an ill-fitting curtain just across the rectangular shape below and have to leave the gable uncovered. On the other hand, some end up covering the triangular window with many smaller blinds. This can not only look untidy but can also be very hard to operate, as you will have to deal with a larger number of blinds.

But with bespoke crafted blinds, we are able to tailor our blinds to almost all unique window shapes, especially triangle window blinds. Due to our many years of experience making and fitting blinds for conservatories, we have developed several market-leading methods to cover triangular-shaped areas of glazing like gables of roofs. Our unique Duette® pureaspect™ Gable Blinds are an ideal choice, as featured below.


Expert pureaspect™  Gable Window Blinds

With the pureaspect™ system, we can cover a gable with just two blinds. They neatly retract away to a minimal stack so they do not obstruct the view when not in use. This results in a neater, more integrated look.

Sometimes an apex window may not be just a simple triangle shape. But instead, they will have an extra area of glazing below it. In situations like this, we can make gable blinds that extend past the normal triangular shape to fill in the rectangular shape beneath it. This is all while keeping a neat look and easy operation.


Experts in Triangular


See how our blinds reduce glare but allow in a soft light when extended, but retract to the point of near-invisibility.


Triangular Window Blinds for your Home

  GableHomeWindow Triangle  

Gables are typically a popular choice for house windows or above folding doors. However, you can also find triangular windows within any room in a home like in the bedroom above.

In this recent project below where the customers wished to use Classic Pinoleum Blinds to match the wooden frame of the room, their gable was not as steep and therefore less complicated, however still required a specialist in order to minimise the amount of blinds used.

  Triangular Window Blinds  

We neatly covered the glass by fitting the blinds in a similar way that we would fit conservatory roof blinds. That way we could still cover the gable with just two blinds; and they are still easy to operate and don’t cover too much of the glass when not in use. This also helped to maintain the traditional décor of the room as our classic pinoleum blinds are a great option for timber windows and extensions.

Being experts in triangular window blinds means we will be able to find a neat and elegant shading solution; if you have a gable, apex or any triangular window.

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Kevin Rogers came and installed new blinds for our gable windows in our loft. We are so pleased with them and they fit perfectly.

Kevin was always very friendly and offered great advice during the fitting stages. The blinds were manufactured very well and we are really pleased.

Mr E, Bishopston
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Great service from initial consultation to a knowledgable non pushy salesman. The blinds were fitted very quickly with no mess or disruption. Very pleased with the result and the cost was not expensive.

Mrs W, Evesham
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Excellent website, very clear. Salesman very knowledgable & friendly. Excellent fitter, kept us informed through the process, went the "extra mile".

Mr H, Dereham
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Pleated blinds are specifically designed for use in UK conservatories; so they can be made to fit any shape of conservatory roof or window much neater than generic blinds.



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