Record-Breaking Temperatures in The UK -

Record-Breaking Temperatures in The UK

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Posted: 12 Aug 2022

This summer we have both record-breaking temperatures in the UK of 40 degree heat and extreme heatwaves that have never been seen before in the UK. Combined with the record lack of rain and warnings for future heatwaves, we are set to endure weather this summer, and even more unpredictable weather as the years go on!

Typically the UK weather is temperamental, but we have been consistently facing above average temperatures. This means your home can feel like a sauna, especially if you have large areas of glazing such as conservatories, bi-folding doors or lantern roofs. Sunlight and heat beats through the glass and continuously heats your home all day.  On top of this, excess sunlight will cause damage to your room over time and cause extra glare.

As summer continues you will only begin to notice the impact on your home more and more. Our bespoke blinds can help you solve these problems. We designed our blinds to help protect your furnishings from UV damage and reduce glare. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of transparencies and fabrics.  Semi-transparent blinds still allow natural light into your room so you can enjoy the sunny weather more comfortably.

How to Keep Your Home Cool During Extreme Temperatures


A lot of people struggle sleeping during hot weather, and so ensuring your bedroom is a cool temperature is almost essential for a good night’s sleep. By closing your blinds throughout the day, you can keep out most of the sunlight prevent heat from building up over the day. You can also have control over your shading, with dim-out blinds that can almost blackout your entire room, for extra privacy and darkness.

If you’re looking for a solution that ensures you return to a cool home, you could also look into automated blinds for your home. If you opt for smart blinds, then you can close your bedroom blinds, or even the blinds all across your home, via an app on your phone while out and about.

The photo below shows our pureaspect™ Gable blinds within a bedroom. The Duette® fabric used here creates an insulating layer that helps prevent heat build-up, making it more comfortable to use throughout the day.

Protecting Your Conservatories & Orangeries From Record-Breaking Temperatures


Some people only use their conservatory in certain parts of the year, because the glass can make the temperature hard to control.  In the summer your conservatory can feel like a greenhouse and in the winter it can feel like a freezer, leaving a whole room in your home unused! This is where it’s important to know what blinds are best for conservatories and combating the heat.

We recommend installing thermal Duette® blinds in your conservatory as they provide an extra layer of insulation. This may sound like the opposite to what you need in the summer, but conservatory roof blinds act as a barrier between the sunlight and your room. Alternatively you can have our pure pleated blinds,  which we specifically designed to cover those odd shapes found in conservatory roofs. In particular, our pureaspect™ Gable blinds are fantastic for covering gable-end conservatories or any other unique apex window found in your home.

For Lantern roof blinds, often found in orangeries, we also recommend Duette® blinds or roller blinds that run horizontally along the base of your lantern. So you have further control over the room below as well as glare reduction, so you can see and use your devices without hindrance.


Bi-folding Doors and Floor to Ceiling Windows

It isn’t only your roof windows that require shading, but any glazing that can let in large levels of light. Large sets of bi-fold doors or floor to ceiling windows can cause excess heat and UV damage too. So you may be wondering what are the best blinds for keeping heat out?

For bi-folding doors, we can often fit roller blinds as a shading solution, as they can cover large areas of glazing with only two or three blinds. Another benefit to roller blinds are that you can keep your blinds down and shade your room, whilst still keeping your doors open to allow for air-flow and a cooler room. We also have our recess-fit blinds that allow you to open your doors partially whilst still having your shades down, as shown below. For the best way to control heat, we recommend a combination of individual blinds and a roller blind that covers the entire area.

Bifold Door Blinds

So, if you find you would like to beat the heat in your home, get in touch for a free quotation appointment today.


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Pleated blinds are specifically designed for use in UK conservatories; so they can be made to fit any shape of conservatory roof or window much neater than generic blinds.



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