What Are The Best Blinds For Keeping Heat Out? -

What Are The Best Blinds For Keeping Heat Out?

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Posted: 18 Jun 2022

Is your home overheating in these humid summer months? It’s easy for excess heat to pass through your glass and get trapped in your home if you have a lot of glazing. However, there are solutions for this such as blinds that reflect, reduce or absorb the heat for you. So you can control the temperature in your home and live comfortably. That’s where we come in to let you know what the best blinds are for keeping heat out.

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Best Blinds For Keeping Heat Out


Duette® Thermal Blinds for Keeping Heat out


Duette doors

Duette® Thermal Blinds are one of our most popular blind types as they are specifically designed for thermal regulation. Their honeycomb construction means they are effective at trapping and reflecting heat. Additionally, their construction also hides any wires and cording holes within the fabric. We often install Duette® blinds in conservatories and gables.

Available in translucent, opaque or full dim-out fabrics as shown in the photo below featuring a dim-out gable blind.

By using dim-out blinds you can get maximum shading and therefore reduce the heat in your room significantly. However, we would not recommend dim-out for any ceiling blinds.

Instead, we would recommend the standard Duette® thermal blinds for ceiling blinds. You can majorly cool a room  by installing blinds on any form of lantern roof, skylight or roof blind as these encourage a lot of heat into the room.


Gable Blinds Duette


Vision Blinds


Zebra Blinds


Vision Blinds (AKA Zebra Blinds) are a type of window blind that can help you with controlling the light in your room with shading. They are rising in popularity currently and are referred to as ‘Zebra’ blinds due to the striped effect of the blinds. This type of blind allows you several options to shade your room. Such as: partial shading, with the opaque and transparent stripes, fully transparent or you can opt for fully opaque. In terms of heat, you have the option to block some of the sunlight and still see into your garden, which in turn blocks some of the heat seeping into your room.

Pinoleum Blinds


Pinoleum Resize

pure™ Pinoleum blinds are very popular for people wishing to control the temperature in their room whilst maintaining a traditional look. We also offer optional solar lining, so they are effective in reducing heat build-up and temperature control. So, in the summer months Pinoleum blinds help keep your room cool and in the winter aid with heat retention. We designed this combination of market-leading technology and a traditional look to ensure your home is comfortable all year round.


Roller Blinds for Keeping Heat Out


Pinoleum Roof and Roller Window Blinds


Bespoke Roller blinds are made to a premium quality and are optimal for those wishing to shade large areas of glazing with just a single blind or so. They are available with both semi-transparent and dim-out options with different style options. Roller blinds are effective for keeping heat out as they act as a barrier between the sunlight and the room. With roller blinds you can open your door/window whilst your blind is lowered. Ensuring airflow and shade to really keep your room cool.  Alternatively, if you have a lantern roof that requires shading, you can cover that with just one or two blinds.

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Customer reviews

The work was done efficiently in the time estimated by the installer. Clear instructions were then given on the operation and maintenance of the blinds. The installer was courteous at all times.

Lastly, the blinds worked well in controlling the brightness and temperature of the conservatory. We had good advice to select good colours for the materials: the blinds looked good too.

Dr & Mrs C, Wadhurst
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Sales - brilliant, good products produce relaxed salesmen! There was no messing about with "special deals", "seasonal offers" and any "further discount for ordering today" that we'd had from other companies, just straight to a good market price and no hard sell. A pleasure to have in our home. We were really pleased he was able to fit our schedule and come early on Saturday.

Fitter was very efficient in getting the measuring done and offered a range of return dates for fitting. He was very tidy in his work and wholly trustworthy to leave in the house when I had to pop out for something. A transcription error meant one of our panels did not fit. There was no mucking about over this; the resolution was swift and costless.

Dr and Mrs R, Greenwich
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Very pleased. Roof blinds match window blinds put in previously.

Dr S, Denbigh
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Pleated blinds are specifically designed for use in UK conservatories; so they can be made to fit any shape of conservatory roof or window much neater than generic blinds.



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