Blinds for Winter - Are They Worth the Investment?

Is it Worth Investing in Blinds for Winter?

Duette Blinds in the Winter
Posted: 7 Nov 2023

With large areas of glazing being an integral part of our homes more and more, we often think of window coverings – such as blinds – as an afterthought. This is understandable as they can require more planning and often have bespoke requirements to fit unusual shapes and sizes. These can include gables, lanterns, bifolds and sliding doors. So when it comes to the temperatures plummeting, do you find yourself wondering, “Is it worth investing in blinds for winter?”

Our answer is yes! We talk through some of the benefits of installing blinds for the winter to explain why.

Increased Privacy with Blinds for Winter

With the nights being longer – and days being shorter – we have the internal lights switched on more. This can create a goldfish bowl effect where we feel a loss of privacy as people can see into our homes. One of the major benefits of having blinds in winter is that they give you added privacy and security. We create bespoke blinds for bifolds, as well as blinds for gables, sliding doors, lanterns, and conservatories to give that all important layer of privacy. And with our expert installation, we fit closer to the glass with minimal gaps achieved so the warm air cannot escape.

Bespoke blinds for winter      

Reduced Heat Loss

Our UK winters can prove challenging when trying to retain the heat within our homes. With more talk of energy efficiency we find ourselves looking at more ways to improve our insulation. One of the ways we lose heat from our homes is through our door and window frames. Particularly with certain types of aluminium frames. The hollow frame can fill with cold air which can impact the temperature within your home. Our blinds can be fitted to cover your door or window frame so you retain the heat within the room whilst blocking out the cold.

Bespoke bifold and window blinds for winter  

Reduced Energy Costs When Using Blinds for Winter

We have a number of fabric options that offer added insulation meaning reduced energy bills. Our Duette® Thermal Blinds offer particularly impressive energy performance. They have a honeycomb structure that retains up to 46% more heat during the winter and can save up to 25% on your heating bills.* Therefore, investing in blinds for winter can result in long term savings.

You can also read more about Duette® Thermal Blinds for windows, doors and conservatories on our news article.

Luxurious Finish

One of the major advantages of investing in bespoke blinds for winter is that whilst adding the above benefits, they also give a luxurious finish. Not only do they offer a sleek finish that modernises your home – they also add value to your property. So whilst you get to put your feet up in the warmth and comfort of your home, you can enjoy the view of your beautiful bespoke blinds.

Gable blinds for winter

Sale Now on With Finance Options Available

With our current sale on offer, and finance options available – you can spread the cost whilst reaping the benefits of having your blinds now – instead of having to wait!

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*Source: all data and statistics provided by Hunter Douglas. Exact figures will depend on local environmental factors.

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