Blinds for David Salisbury Orangery and Conservatory

Blinds for David Salisbury Orangeries, Garden Rooms and Conservatories

Posted: 21 Dec 2023

David Salisbury orangeries, garden rooms and conservatories are a stunning addition to any home. Their award winning bespoke craftmanship and quality speak for themselves. They offer increased light within the home, as well as creating a beautiful additional space. Whilst allowing that all important view of the outside space of the home, people may find themselves looking for added privacy as well as reducing glare and improving insulation. This is where blinds for David Salisbury structures can help with all of these factors.

Here at Specialists Blinds, we provide a number of options to suit structures of all shapes and sizes. We are proud to be the experts for producing blinds for conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms since 1995. With our experience, we take you through the options for that all important and integral finishing touch for your space. All of which can be powered making them not only luxurious and effective but easy to control.

Pinoleum Blinds for David Salisbury Buildings

Pinoleum blinds are a great option as their style pairs very well with timber frames, like David Salisbury structures. They create a beautiful dappled effect on the light streaming through the glazing, and their slatted structure looks stunning on roofs and windows. They also improve insulation and have an optional solar lining, which can help further improve insulation. Fortunately, due to our unique technology in our UK based bespoke factory, we are able to fit Pinoleum blinds to the most challenging shapes and sizes. So if you have a David Salisbury garden room, orangery or conservatory with a complex roof made up of multiple panes – or unique window sizes – we are able to create Pinoleum blinds to fit. Better still, they can be powered using our unique pure electric blinds system via home automation, remote control and smart applications.

Our Pinoleum blinds are available in any Farrow & Ball® paint colour to match your decor or framework. We can then provide hardware and fixings in a colour to match. We provide this service using our in-house RAL powder coated facility in our bespoke factory in Ashford, Kent.

Pinoleum blinds for David Salisbury orangeries, garden room and conservatories

Duette® Blinds for Orangeries, Garden Rooms & Conservatories

Our Duette® blinds work very well with David Salisbury garden rooms, orangeries and conservatories as they can be neatly fitted into the recess of your frames using our pure system. Furthermore, they can be neatly tucked away when not in use, giving you the maximum view of your outside space. Duette® blinds also offer great thermal and heat regulating benefits. Their honeycomb fabric helps to retain the heat making it an effective insulating barrier. This minimises heat loss from your windows. Our Duette® blinds also come in a range of bespoke colours to match and complement your interior. They can also be powered using our unique pure electric blinds system via home automation, remote control and smart applications.

Duette blinds for David Salisbury Orangeries, Garden Rooms and Conservatories  

Pleated Blinds for David Salisbury Orangeries, Garden Rooms & Conservatories

Our pure Pleated blinds range offers a great choice of fabrics and colours whilst improving insulation and reduce glare. It also works well for challenging and intricate shapes and sizes as its single layer fabric gives a little more flexibility. Our pure Pleated blinds can also be fitted neatly into the recess of your windows and roof; so they can tuck away neatly to enjoy the most of your view. Like our Pinoleum and Duette® blinds, they can be colour matched to your choice in our bespoke factory. They can also be powered by using any of our pure electric blinds systems.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are also a great option for any structure. They work well with contemporary, traditional and modern interiors. They are available in a number of fabrics and colours in opaque or semi sheer as shown in the picture below. Due to the way all roller blinds operate, they cannot be used for roofs. However, they can be used in partnership with our Pinoleum, Duette® and Pleated blinds as they complement each other well. Many of our customers have used Roller Blinds with a Pinoleum roof in their orangeries, garden rooms and conservatories. A great example of this pairing is included in the image below. Our Roller blinds can be colour matched to complement your interior. Like the options above, they can be powered by any of our pure electric blinds systems.

Pinoleum roof and Roller Blinds for David Salisbury

Powered and Home Automation Blinds for David Salisbury Buildings

Not only can all of these blinds be motorised, they can also be connected to most home automation systems. If you are considering installing a home automation system or would like to know more, you can read all about our automated blinds for your home.

Our Specialist Blinds Promise

Working in partnership with our customers is what we do best. Our Checkatrade and Google Reviews speak for themselves. We are proud to be an Employee Owned Trust meaning that all of us, as employees, own the company. How we operate is personal to us and you. As a result, we don’t operate with any ‘hard sell’ techniques and we truly care about your experience with us. From initial point of contact to the final point of installation – and aftercare should you need it. We’re proud of what we do and how we do it. We’re so confident about the quality of our blinds and installation that we offer a 5 Year Guarantee for peace of mind.

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