Specialist Blinds Company - Now Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

Specialist Blinds Company Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

Specialist Blinds Employee Ownership Trust
Posted: 8 Sep 2023

As a company, here at Specialist Blinds, we are always looking to grow and evolve. Last year we made the decision to rebrand from Conservatory Blinds Limited to The Specialist Blinds Co. Ltd, to reflect the full range of products we provide. Now, we have made another bold step by moving the ownership of the company into an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), which places the ownership of the company directly in the hands of its employees.

We have been a family-owned company for over 25 years, and now that family is expanding to include all of our employees. Many members of staff have worked with us for over 10 years, with some having been a part of the company for almost 20 years. So in many ways there is already a strong sense of family across the company.

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What is an EOT?

An EOT effectively means that our employees now own the company, under a trust headed by several key members of staff including our Operations Director and Head of Marketing. This means that our employees now have a direct stake in the company. It also helps secure the company for the future, with the ownership now in the hands of the people who work there.

EOTs are becoming increasingly common. Companies such as John Lewis, Richer Sounds, the engineering consultants Mott McDonald and the animation studio Aardman Animations being excellent examples of employee-owned companies.

Our Managing Director has made a statement on this change:

“The transition to employee ownership is an exciting step in Specialist Blinds’ development and I would like to convey my profound appreciation to our remarkable team and loyal customers who have supported us throughout the years. I look forward to working alongside the team as we continue to evolve and innovate to provide exceptional products to our valued customers.”

Setting ourselves apart from other blinds companies has always been important to us. From the creation of our own unique ranges of bespoke blinds, to the purchase of our own factory and head office. With our staff having a more direct investment in the future of the company we see this as another way that we can provide a level of service that other companies simply cannot.

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How does being an EOT affect our customers?

What this change does bring, is an extra level of confidence to anyone who purchases our blinds. With a product like bespoke blinds, you want the knowledge that should you need any help in the future, you can contact us and get it. We’re very proud of the level of after-sale service we provide, even after the guarantee period is over. We have customers who are still extremely happy with their blinds 10-15 years after installation.

It also means that you know the staff who work for us are actually invested in the future and success of our company. We already have a passionate team who have been the backbone of the company over the years, so this change will only strengthen our commitment to providing the best blinds and service possible.

How will this affect Specialist Blinds?

There will be no difference to our day-to-day operation. There are no staff changes, and our Managing Director will still be running the company as normal. We will still be providing the same high-quality bespoke blinds that we always have. Our teams of experts with decades of experience across the whole process still remain as before.

Now we are employee-owned it gives extra security for the future of the company, as it’s ownership is now safe in the hands of our own employees rather than a third-party. With this security, anyone who buys blinds from us in the future can do so with added confidence that we will always be there to help with any issues that arise.

Customer reviews

Everything was completed on time. Information was very comprehensive. Documentation was also comprehensive. Trustworthy salesman.

Mr & Mrs D, High Wycombe
Sent via email.
Excellent remote controlled electric blind fitted by some seriously good tradesmen. The blind is of outstanding quality and everyone comments on how smart the entire system Is. We can control it by remote control so don’t have to even move from our kitchen/lounge area.
Dr & Mrs S, Stoke-On-Trent
Sent via email.
An excellent job - all work carried out neatly and timely and to accepted quote that was competitive against others. Very pleased with completed job.
Mr K, Surrey
Sent via Checkatrade Review
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