Blinds for Angled Windows - Why You Need Specialist Blinds! -

Blinds for Angled Windows – Why You Need Specialist Blinds!

Posted: 27 Oct 2023

In modern day architecture, feature windows – such as angled windows – are becoming more and more prominent as a way to let in beautiful natural light. But this extra glazing can reduce the privacy of your home and increase heat and glare. Your standard rectangular windows often have a quick and cost effective fix that doesn’t need to last you very long. However, if you’re looking for blinds for angled windows – this can be trickier to find a solution. So if you have a unique shaped window whether that be in a conservatory roof, gable window or any angled window in your home we can help you provide a long-lasting solution.

A Project in Dorset Featuring Blinds for Angled Windows

In Dorset, a customer approached us for blinds for a rather unusual window in their bedroom. As you can see from the image below, the glazing is very uniquely shaped with many different angles and an opening window to allow access to open. Additionally, the glazing fits almost floor to ceiling. This creates a unique feature at the front of the home. However, as this unique feature is in the customer’s bedroom, they need privacy – and shade. This is where we step in to help!

external view of triangular blinds for angled window

As the UK specialists in bespoke blinds, we specialise in blinds for triangular windows and have tackled many unique projects like this. We originally began creating gable and angled windows for conservatory roofs or gable-end conservatories. We soon learnt that we could adapt our expertise to more unique window requirements so developed our pure pleated and pureaspect™ Gable blinds technology. This technology is essential when it comes to creating bespoke solutions like our customer’s above. Below, you can see the results of this unique technology in action as it successfully covers the entire angled window and the glass below with one blind.

Corner triangle blinds for angled window

Our blinds come in an array of fabrics and styles. This customer opted for our popular Duette® Thermal Blinds which is a great all-around choice for any shading solution as it provides an extra degree of insulation. This extra layer is great for keeping your home cool in the summer and retaining heat in the summer. This customer chose our Anthracite colour to match their window frames.

As with most of our blinds, you have the option to install automated blinds for your home. If you opt for smart blinds, this gives you the ability to control your blinds from outside your home or even via voice control. However, this customer chose to connect their electric blinds to a remote control so they can control them with just the click of a button.

Before and After Fitting Bespoke Blinds for Angled Windows

It can be very difficult to successfully cover all the glazed area of a window structure such as this. Below you can see the original shelf bought blinds – NOT fitted by Specialist Blinds!. They fall short of covering the entire area of the angled windows. This compromises the overall aesthetic as well as not providing adequate shade or privacy. Much to our customer’s delight, we were able to provide this bespoke solution that fit their requirements perfectly.

Before and After blinds for Angled Window

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So, with angled windows or any unique glazing that requires shading, a blind specialist is essential. So if you are looking for blinds for angled windows, get in touch for a free quotation today from Specialist Blinds.


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Customer reviews

This company has been a pleasure to deal with, from the first contact to the finished product. It was a speedy and efficient service. The help and advice given by your fitter, Craig, was excellent. I had complete confidence in him from the outset. The price of my blinds was a great surprise after having a quote for a smaller number of blinds from a well known national company! I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. Well done.
Mrs F, St Austell
Sent via email.

I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the window and roof blinds which were fitted by Martin today. He was a total professional throughout the fitting and gave a very clear demonstration of how to use them, etc. The quality of the blinds is excellent and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Mr S, Bedford
Sent via email.

Brilliant service. Professional, friendly. Done a wonderful job of doing my bespoke turquoise internal conservatory blinds. Could not be happier :-)

Mrs W, Dunstable
Sent via email.
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Duette® blinds are a popular choice for conservatories and gables. They can be made to fit any shape of conservatory roof or window and also have a provide an extra degree of insulation.



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