Bespoke Lantern Roof Blinds for a Triangular-Shaped Roof

Bespoke Blinds for a Triangular-Shaped Roof Lantern

Triangular Lantern Roof Blind
Posted: 13 Nov 2019

Roof lanterns are becoming more and more popular in homes around the UK, and lantern roof blinds have been growing in popularity year by year. A traditional lantern roof is a rectangular or square shape. Recently a customer in Brighton contacted us, looking for something slightly different: blinds for a triangular-shaped roof lantern.

Triangular-Shaped Roof Lantern

The customer had been trying to find a solution for this lantern roof for a long time; and no other companies were able to help. This is because the triangular-shaped lantern roof posed several problems; due to the design of the glazing, it was not possible to fit the blinds next to the glazing itself. As most lantern roof blind systems are designed around rectangular blinds, other companies weren’t able to help. This customer needed our expertise to resolve this problem in order to create a triangular-shaped blind that fitted at the base of the lantern roof and could retract away neatly. This is a very complex requirement.

At Specialist Blinds Limited we specialise in offering blinds for unusual shaped glazing, so this project was an interesting challenge for our sales and installation team. With years of experience making and fitting blinds for a wide range of shapes in a conservatory; we knew we’d be able to find a solution to a problem like this.

In this case, we were able to cover the area with just a single blind. As with a normal lantern roof blind, it runs horizontally across the base of the lantern roof; rather than having multiple blinds fitted next to the glass. Using a similar frame to our standard lantern roof blinds, the shaped triangular lantern roof blind was able to cover the area with no gaps at the edge. This meant that the blind is able neatly retract away when not in use. While the blind itself may look simple, it was actually a deceptively complex blind to both make and fit.

The customer had struggled with controlling light, temperature and privacy. We used the Duette® fabric  in the lantern blind to help overcome all these problems:

Temperature Control

The customer was experiencing very high temperatures within her room as a result of the roof lantern. For that reason, we installed our Duette® Thermal Blinds with its honeycomb structure to help keep the heat out in the summer months and retain heat within the colder months.

Controlling Light

Roof Lantern blinds are great for controlling the amount of light in a room throughout the different seasons. This is because you can fully retract it – part extend it – or fully extend it to your desire.

Triangular Lantern Roof Blind

We left the customer feeling very satisfied with her new blinds, mainly because she spent years trying to find a solution and no other company could help her. At Conservatory Blinds we listened to her requirements then designed a blind bespoke to her home.

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