Reduce Glare with Made To Measure Conservatory Blinds

Reduce Glare with Made To Measure Blinds

Reducing glare with pure™ pleated blinds
Posted: 23 Apr 2018

A room with a large amount of glazing, can be the best place to relax during the type of sunny weather.  This includes:

  • Conservatories
  • Orangeries
  • Garden rooms
  • Large gable windows
  • Rooms with bi-folding or sliding doors
  • Rooms with lantern roofs

However, you may have noticed that while all that glass makes the room nice and bright throughout the day; it can make it almost impossible to use anything with a screen. For example, a television, tablet or phone, because of all the glare from the sun. This is particularly important for customers that use their glass extension as their main living area.

There are several different ways to reduce glare in a conservatory; but most of them do it by removing the sunlight entirely. This in turn changes the entire feel of the room by making it just another standard room in the house. Made-to-measure blinds are different when it comes to reducing glare. This is because the blinds they are able to find the balance between cutting out direct sunlight to reduce glare. While still letting in enough light to keep the room bright and airy.

Popular Blinds for Reducing Glare

All of our most popular blinds are able to help reduce glare, with the pure™ Pleated and Duette® blinds cutting out direct sunlight, and the pure™ Pinoleum Blinds creating a soft dappled shade. Thanks to the way we fit our blinds, we are able to keep any gaps between the blind and the frame of the conservatory as small as possible. This ensures that as little direct sunlight is let through as possible.

pure Pleated Blinds in an Orangery Roof

One of the main benefits of choosing blinds over a more permanent solution is that you have the flexibility to totally retract the blinds and let in all the light should you wish to do so.

 Reducing glare with pure Pleated Blinds  

Customer Review

A recent customer experienced firsthand how reducing glare with made to measure blinds can improve your home:

“They did a superb job from the initial consultation to the finished product. The blinds work really well, cutting glare but not light and they have not sagged or snagged in daily operation. Our conservatory is a complicated shape with a hipped roof, the blinds had to be made to measure individually. They all fitted first time. The fitter was highly skilled and efficient.” Mr T

To read more reviews like this then visit our prof lie on the independent review site Checkatrade.

It’s important to know exactly where the sunlight enters your conservatory; so that you can ensure the blinds are able to keep out the direct sunlight. Don’t forget that the sun will change its position in the sky throughout the year, so while most of the glare may be caused by sunlight coming through the roof during the summer, it could be the side windows letting in all the light during the winter.

If you’ve had problems with glare over these last few sunny days, don’t forget that it will only get worse as we move into summer and the sun gets higher in the sky. There’s still enough time to arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team and reduce glare with made to measure blinds.

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