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Ideas for Styling your Lantern Roof Extension

Lantern Roof Blinds Ideas
Posted: 8 Feb 2021

Lantern roofs are a very popular addition to homes at the moment. A lot of people are looking for various different lantern roof extension ideas; with an eye on the best way to decorate and style the room. What many people don’t realise is that as well as providing excellent shading and insulation, lantern roof blinds can also be a great way to add to the décor of your room. As we are specialists at fitting blinds for lantern windows in homes across the country, we see a lot of ideas of how people are using our blinds to enhance their lantern roof extensions.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are a sleek way to add shading to a lantern roof. Usually consisting of one or two blinds that go across the bottom of the lantern itself, they provide excellent shading and reduction of glare all year round. When a horizontal blind like this is extended, the fabric takes up a lot of space in the roof. Because of this, the colour you choose can have a big impact on the overall look of the room.

Lantern Roof Blinds

For these types of blinds we generally use the thermal Duette® fabrics. These come in a wide range of different colours, allowing you to compliment the existing styling of the room. You can use a lighter fabric to help keep the room bright, even while the blind is extended; whereas a darker fabric can add an accenting colour to the room.

In some cases we are able to use a roller blind as a horizontal blind; which is a great wire-free solution to shading a lantern roof.

Individual Layout for Blinds for Lantern Windows

For those looking to keep the extra space a lantern roof offers but still want the extra shading, we can fit blinds into each individual panel of the roof. We do this using the same techniques we use in traditional conservatory roofs; meaning we can use our exclusive range of pure™ blinds to neatly fit into the various different shapes.

Individual Lantern Roof Blinds

One of the other benefits of this layout is that you have a wider selection of blinds to choose from. Both our pure™ Pleated and Duette® fabrics are available as well as our purePinoleum blinds option. Pinoleum is ideal for those seeking a blind to match a more traditional décor. The English Pinoleum range of weaves is available in any Farrow & Ball® colour, so they can compliment your existing colour scheme.

Lantern Roof Lighting

Large Lantern Roof Blinds

A recent trend we have noticed is the use of lighting as a way to add a stylish new element to a lantern roof. This can be a simple strip of LED lights around the base of the lantern. Alternatively, you can build the lighting directly into the lantern roof during construction.

However you use your lighting, using it in combination with a lantern roof blind can really enhance the effect. Horizontal blinds are particularly effective at this, as they create a lower surface for the lights to reflect off of; enhancing their effect in the room.

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