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Finding the Right Triangular Window Blinds

Triangular Shaped Window with pureaspect™ Blinds
Posted: 6 Feb 2019

Extensions with large areas of glazing are becoming more and more common, in particular triangular glazing. As a result, people have been searching for triangle shaped window blinds that neatly fit into the wide variety windows. Luckily, at Conservatory Blinds Limited we have the perfect solution for this problem, one we’ve designed and made ourselves.

Triangle Shaped Window Blinds

We originally designed our pureaspect™ Gable Blinds to fit neatly into the triangular end of a gable-end conservatory. Previously, the best way to cover a triangular shape would be to use a lot of smaller blinds; including fixed blinds that couldn’t move.  However, with our pureaspect™ we could cover an area with just a small amount of blinds. The blinds are fully retractable when not in use. We kept improving and expanding what these blinds could do.  As more and more people got similar shapes in their extensions, pureaspect™ really came into its own. Now we can cover not only a triangular-shaped top of a window but also the rectangular-shaped glass beneath it with just a single blind. Combined with our pure™ Window Blinds, we can cover a wide range of shapes and sizes with the neatest fit.  

Our pureaspect™️ gable blinds can be fitted into a number of triangular shaped glazing. Available with our dim-out fabric, perfect for increasing privacy and reducing light into your room.

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Benefits of pureaspect™

One benefit of the pureaspect™ system is that there are so many ways they can operate it. Manual operation is possible, and they can use the blinds with either of the child safe operation methods; LiteRise® and SmartCord® (depending on the exact size of the blind). There are also various motorisation options, including our own pure Remote Control systems, that offers easy control with an intuitive handset, or the range of Somfy™ home automation options that allow you to control the blinds with a smart home device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.  

Customer Review

Mr T recently decided to have our pureaspect™ gable blinds for certain triangle shaped windows in his conservatory roof. He was so happy with the service and outcome he left the following reveiw:

“Fitted blinds to a gable-ended conservatory. They did a superb job from the initial consultation to the finished product. The blinds work really well, cutting glare but not light and they have not sagged or snagged in daily operation. Our conservatory is a complicated shape with a hipped roof, the blinds had to be made to measure individually. They all fitted first time. The fitter was highly skilled and efficient.”

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