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Celebrating Global Shading Day

global Shading day
Posted: 20 Mar 2024

Here at Specialist Blinds we are delighted to be celebrating Global Shading Day on Thursday March 21 2024.

Organised by the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO), this event coincides with the Spring Equinox. With days getting longer and warmer, Global Shading Day brings awareness to the positive benefits of shading products. They contribute to create sustainable, energy-efficient buildings that retain heat during the winter and reject it in the summer.

The goal is also to encourage people to learn more about the benefits of using blinds, shutters and awnings to support comfort and wellbeing in the home and workplace.


Solar Shading and Its Benefits

Experts have widely identified solar shading to help create healthy, productive and comfortable indoor environments. By celebrating Global Shading Day, we aim to introduce people to solar shading products and their benefits. Shading products can be fitted to buildings in two ways – externally, such as awnings and pergolas, and internally with blinds or curtains, etc.

Guidehouse is a leading global provider of consulting services to the public and commercial markets. A recent study they conducted has proven that automated solar shading can minimise energy use.


What Types of Shading Can We Provide?

We offer an extensive range of blinds, that suits all preferences and needs. Our customers choose our minimalist roller blinds for a more contemporary look when it comes to their solar shading. For practicality and a sleek finish, the thermal Duette® blinds are ideal. They act as an insulation layer, helping to retain heat in winter and to keep it out during summer months.

With the warm season approaching and our ongoing spring sale, this is the perfect time to buy blinds from us. They will be fitted in time for summer and ready to offer the market-leading shading with which we pride ourselves.

Benefits of Solar Shading

The Latest Research

Heat can Affect our Wellbeing

Recent findings show that the average number of days per year that Europe will require air conditioning will increase by around 30% between now and 2050*. This will significantly increase energy demand and associated greenhouse gas emissions for cooling in buildings for the next decades.

Celebrated for the first time last year, Global Shading Day intends to make people aware of the harmful effects of air conditioning to the environment. Specifically, global warming and climate change, as temperatures are raising by an average of 0.08℃ per decade since 1880.

*According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Global Warming

Celebrate Global Shading Day with Us

Join us in celebrating Global Shading Day today and stay informed on how we can contribute to a healthier future.

“It’s time to prioritise solar shading to combat overheating and pave the way for a sustainable future.” – Anders Hall, President ES-SO

Find out more about Global Shading Day here.

BBSA Celebrating Solar Shading

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