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What Are The Best Blinds for Bi-fold Doors?

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Posted: 25 Jun 2024

Many people now have folding doors as a part of their conservatory and orangery.  They provide an easy way to let light and air into a conservatory during the warmer months. This does mean that when buying blinds for a conservatory with a folding door; you need to think what are the best blinds for bifold doors?

Duette® Blinds for Bifold Doors

Duette® blinds are an excellent choice for folding door blinds. We use Duette® fabrics use in combination with our own pure­™ technology so they can be recess fitted directly into the frames of the door. The honeycomb structure of the Duette® fabric makes them excellent at insulating and shading, to help control the temperature in your room. Thanks to the neatness of the pure™ rails, they can be fitted into each individual panel of the doors so they don’t get in the way of it’s operation. Duette Folding Door Blinds  

Roller Blinds for Bi-Fold Doors

Roller Folding Door Blinds

Roller blinds are an excellent option for folding doors. They can’t fit into each panel like Duette® blinds can, however this does give extra benefits. Having a single blind cover the set of doors means that the metal frame is also covered. This means that the entire set of doors is insulated, so heat doesn’t transmit through either the glazing or the frame. A roller blind can be a neat solution to cover a set of folding doors with just a single blind.


Combination Blinds

In the colder months, bi-folding doors can lose a vast amount of heat through their metal frames. That’s why we recommend installing both a roller blind and individual Duette® blinds. The combination of fitted and roller blinds ensures you can keep your home warm this winter. Motorised roller blinds are also particularly effective when shading large areas of glazing, such as a whole wall of bifold doors.



Other Blinds

It is possible to use other types of blinds, such as pinoleum blinds or vertical blinds, with bi-fold doors; although as with roller blinds they can only be fitted above the doors if the doors fold back externally. While it is technically possible to have blinds in a Perfect Fit frame recess fitted into the frames of a bi-fold door, they are not recommended due to the large size of the Perfect Fit frames.

Bi-fold Door Blinds Consultation

Overall, it’s easy to fit blinds onto bi-folding doors that don’t interfere with the operation and look neat. If you are wondering what blinds are best for bi-fold doors, arrange an appointment for a free quotation with one of our consultants and they will be able to see exactly what type of blinds would be suitable window coverings for bifold doors in your home.


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Good quality blinds, the sales person was polite, helpful and not at all pushy, the fitter did a good job.

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Jon did a great job - very neatly fitted. Jon has a very friendly but unobtrusive manner - lovely to have him working in the house. He hoovered up too!

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The workmanship was very good and efficient. Both the man that came to price the work and the man that fitted the blinds were polite courteous and on time I can not fault them. I am pleased with the blinds it has given me another room to use in private. Thank you.

Miss T, Cirencester
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